Psychotherapist May Tettero
There is a crack in everything. That’s where the light gets in.
— Leonard Cohen

Everyone experiences suffering and struggle at some point in life.  Many people reach out for professional help at such times, and find the benefits to be long-lasting.  I offer counselling and psychotherapy for individuals and couples.    

I know from many years of practice, that it is possible to overcome difficult life experiences.  In a safe atmosphere of caring and respect, I encourage you to take the next steps toward healing and growthI will work with you to support your well-being, solve problems and restore your resilience.  When we increase our resiliency, life becomes more joyful and meaningful.


Areas of Practice


Psychological trauma is often the result of a painful childhood, abuse or witnessing the suffering of others in occupational settings.  Trauma can be debilitating and does not usually get better without professional treatment.  With careful treatment planning and a good relationship with a trained therapist, the effects of trauma can be overcome.


People of all ages struggle with their mood at times. This may mean periods of depression and irritability.  It could also mean feeling on edge, and worrying too much.  Thankfully, the treatment outcomes for mood difficulties are very good.


Your child or teen may struggle to cope with family conflict, bullying, a death in the family or low self-esteem.  Therapy can be a supportive place for your young person to learn to feel better and build upon his or her strengths.

Couples and Families

When our relationships with loved ones don't work well, the quality of our life is compromised.  Therapy is a safe and effective way to restore healthy and loving connections.  You may invite one family member with you into therapy or your whole family.


Life Transitions, Grief and Loss

As we age, we go through life transitions that can be joyous and difficult at the same time:  puberty, first child, empty nest, retirement.  We are also likely to experience losses due to separation, job loss or death.  Therapy provides supportive guidance to bring you through these life events with your strengths and resiliency intact.

Physical Challenges

Our life experiences directly affect our biology.  Many common health challenges are influenced by excessive and prolonged stress.  Examples are:  hypertension, autoimmune diseases, chronic pain conditions, insomnia and digestive disorders.  To feel better physically, consider psychotherapy.

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